Network Consulting

Network Consulting

Internet Consulting Development

CRT provides rich functionality – far beyond run-of-the-mill ISP — for connecting your business to the Internet. Our strong background in LAN and WAN network designs allow CRT to provide the best solution for your networking needs. We are providing our customers with everything from simple T1 Internet access to CRT’s VPN solutions that provide that same functional operation as traditional frame relay networks but significantly reduce monthly Telco charges. In particular national frame relay costs can be dramatically reduced. Our designs maintain low latency and limited hop count allowing for usable voice communications further reducing monthly Telco charges.

Intranet/Extranet Consulting Services

So, what is Intranet?

Technically speaking, an intranet is composed of Web-based tools and technologies that reside on your Local Area Network (LAN). Intranets could be different in configurations; such as Private Intranet (only for Internal use), Hybrid (such us Intranet and Internet combined together or Extranet) or it could be anything in between.

What can an Intranet do for you?

An Intranet provides integration between all available platforms. If by example, we develop a software application, it will run identically on the PC, Mac or UNIX platform with no additional costs incurred for customization or maintenance.

Using Intranet technologies we can help you to:

  • Create the ultimate virtual office with remote access, giving your staff around the clock access to global databases.
  • Allow you to Interact with international suppliers, distributors and contractors for virtually no cost.
  • Increase your company’s productivity. Times zones are no longer a consideration. Everything is done in real time.
  • Save you and your company money with e-mail, VOIP, Video Conferencing and other enabling tools.
  • Enable Web site building and hosting for each department, division, or affiliate and connect your company to the Internet.
  • Automate and streamline normal business processes. Provide on-line discussion board to post important or valuable company information.
  • Share business applications between different clients and platforms.